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Thermal Networks and Nuclear Energy

The position paper Thermal networks and nuclear energy – advancing the dialogue towards clean heat infrastructure for Canada, released Feb. 28, 2024, is a product of collaborative work with the Canadian Nuclear Association and the McMaster Institute for Energy Studies. The full position paper (14 MB) is also available here.

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Heating Buildings with Zero Emissions

Heating GTHA Buildings with Zero Emissions

District Energy Digests

District Energy Digests – produced every four months, providing brief accounts of and occasional comments on recent writing about district heating and cooling, all with good links to items noted.

  • District Energy Digest #7 February 2024 – addresses news items from the GTHA and Ontario, and on district energy elsewhere in Canada, plus more on energy storage and remarks on the use of nuclear energy for district heating. Included is an update on the Boltzmann Institute’s major project.
  • District Energy Digest #6 October 2023 – reviews some items about the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and elsewhere, and provides an early report on research done for the Boltzmann Institute’s major project.
  • District Energy Digest #5 June 2023 – summarizes a recent report about the future of Ontario’s electricity system and the Boltzmann Institute’s comments on it, with brief coverage of other items. It also provides details of the main ongoing work of the Institute.
  • District Energy Digest #4 February 2023 – with a focus on the deployment of district energy, with some focus on the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.
  • District Energy Digest #3 October 2022 – with a focus on several aspects of the storage of thermal energy and electrical energy.
  • District Energy Digest #2 June 2022 – with a focus on the comparative costs of district energy systems.
  • District Energy Digest #1 February 2022 – quick review of recent material on district energy happenings in Canada and elsewhere, touching among other things on hydrogen for space heating, nuclear and deep geothermal heat sources, and storing solar energy. 

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